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Thermal management is critical to ensure battery top performance and safety.



Batteries are extremely sensitive to temperature. Thermal management is critical to reduce temperature variations and to avoid thermal runaway. As a battery's temperature increases, its rate of chemical reactions and performance can improve. However, at one point, a rise in temperature may cause permanent damage. Ansys delivers best-in-class thermal management simulation to produce a cost-effective cooling device and safe battery.

  • Reduced Order Models
    Reduced Order Models
  • 电化学模型范围
  • 电热耦合
  • Thermal Runaway and Propagation
    Thermal Runaway and Propagation
Best-in-Class Battery Management

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Ensure Top Battery Performance and Safety


必威体育网址ansysdelivers best-in-class battery thermal management simulation that produces a cost-effective cooling design while best utilizing your application’s limited space.

ANSYS Fluent中的锂离子电池安全建模必威体育网址

Lithium-ion Battery Safety Modeling in Ansys Fluent

With the growth of the electric vehicle market, the demand for smaller and lighter batteries with greater capacity has never been higher. However, safety is a key issue limit in Li-ion battery (LIB) applications.

Battery pack electrothermal coupled model or system analysis

Battery Pack Electrothermal Coupled Model or System Analysis



LTI-ROM for Battery Thermal Management



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